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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join your club?

A: The easiest way would be to come to one of our meetings or outings, but you  can click on the "Membership Form" button at the bottom of this page to print and fill out a form and mail it in along with your check. You can also e-mail us at, for more information. 


Q: What are the costs to become a member of Fishin'Michigan?

A:  $25per year


Q: What do I get in return for my $25 membership?

A: First you get a great resource for learning different ways to fish. You also become a member of Michigan United Conservation Clubs and receive a digital copy of Michigan Out of Doors Magazine. Along with that, we get a voice as a club to let our legislators know our questions and concerns on conservation  & regulation of our fishing resources throughout the State. A 10% discount is available at Grand River Bait & Tackle and we are working on others.


Q: What species of fish do your members fish for?

A: Our members fish for all types of fish in all kinds of ways.


Q: I do not own a boat , why would I join ?

A: Several of our members have boats designed for smaller inland lake fishing and many have boats capable of fishing the Great Lakes. Many times, member boat owners are looking for crew members willing to share in the cost and fun of a day or weekend of fishing. Many of our members also participate in wading the rivers and streams here in Michigan for all species of fish.


Q: When and where are your meetings held?

A: Our meetings are held At Piazzano's Restaurant, 1825 N. Grand River Ave. In Lansing, Mi. We meet the third Monday of each month, except August beginning at 7 PM with many arriving around 6PM to have a meal and socialize.


Q: Are your meetings free?

A: Yes, meetings are free and open to the public.


Q: What do you do at your monthly meetings?

A: We generally try to have a speaker at each meeting speaking on various subjects related to fishing and boating. We sometimes have mini-seminars with two or three speakers on different subjects. 


Q: Are most of your members fly fishermen?

A: As stated earlier, our members target several species of fish using multiple techniques including fly fishing. Our members honor any ethical fishing method as long as that method follows the guide lines established by the MDNR.


Q: Are there any opportunities to fish on the Great Lakes without owning my own boat?

A: Yes, we encourage members with large boats to take other members fishing with them when possible. Again, many times members with large boats are looking for crew to join them and help with the cost of fishing trips.



Q: Do you have fishing tournaments?

A: We do schedule some tournaments that are affordable for our members. We also schedule outings which involves getting together for some fishing and then a meal at a local restaurant at days end. These outings may include river and inland lake fishing adventures for our members enjoyment.


Q: Can I get Fishin' Michigan Apparel?

A: Yes, while we don't have it for sale through our club, we have a company out of Brighton that can fix you up. Contact KSN Embroidery at (248) 417-5474 and ask for Kelly or e-mail her at, and she will give you your options for our clothing. 


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